Programs and Services

At DreamKey Partners, our purpose is to meet people where they are. That means understanding their goals and needs and connecting in a way that is valuable for them, which can be renting an apartment or townhome, buying a home, or helping with existing rent and mortgage payments.

Homeownership is something to strive for, but it may not be for everyone. We recognize how difficult the process of buying and keeping a home can be, especially for first-time buyers. We also recognize that for some the best decision is securing an affordable place to rent. For that reason, our team of experienced, compassionate coaches and HUD-certified Homeownership Advisors are proud to offer education and financial assistance programs to help people meet their goals.

Please see below to learn more about how our programs may help you.

We provide homeownership education to help first-time homebuyers make informed decisions.


We offer down payment assistance for qualified homebuyers to help reduce costs.


Rent and Mortgage Assistance Program

We administer RAMP applications for people with an official eviction/assigned court date.