A Vibe Outside Community Festival brought together a vibrant celebration of Black culture and excellence in Charlotte. As a corporate sponsor, DreamKey Partners proudly participated, connecting with the community we serve, educating attendees on our programs and services, and supporting local talent and organizations.

Despite the rain, this year’s event saw active participation from numerous local community organizations and residents in the Festival, symbolizing a remarkable sense of unity and togetherness. People of all ages and backgrounds also came together to create an atmosphere of joy and celebration. DreamKey provided an opportunity to showcase this commitment and offer pathways for homeownership by engaging with festivalgoers and sharing our mission and vision. “A Vibe Outside created an opportunity to connect with the community and demonstrate the full spectrum of what we offer,” said Director of Community Engagement Carla Scott. “Participants had the chance to learn about our diverse range of services and initiatives, gaining a deeper understanding of our mission and values and we can help people reach their goals of financial stability and homeownership.”

The Festival was founded by Board Member of DreamKey Partners and Executive Director of Applesauce Group, Winston Robinson. “DreamKey, as a sponsor, was instrumental in making this event possible, and we cannot thank them enough for standing by our side when the going got tough due to inclement weather,” said Winston Robinson. “DreamKey’s belief in our vision and your generous contributions made all the difference in turning A Vibe Outside into an event to remember.”