DreamKey Partners and Bank of America have joined forces to offer an incredible opportunity for five exceptional individuals. These young talents are working across three departments over eight weeks – Programs, Marketing and Communications and Real Estate Development.

Below is a synopsis of what the interns have been working on and learning along the way.

Carlos Gonzalez and Arya Gupta – Programs 

Carlos’ strong analytical skills have played a crucial role in identifying potential real estate development projects that align with DreamKey’s mission. His research and analysis have expanded the availability of affordable homes while understanding the needs of the veteran population. Carlos shares, “Affordability is crucial for veterans, and I’m proud to contribute to this cause.”

Arya’s passion for community engagement has been evident in her work. She has developed curricula to better connect with local residents, educating them about homeownership and rent assistance programs. Her efforts have helped capture valuable insights for the future. Arya says, “Every interaction with community members deepens my understanding of their needs. Making a meaningful difference in their lives is incredibly rewarding.”

Thomas Brown – Marketing and Communications

As part of marketing and communications, Thomas has used his creative flair to craft compelling narratives and develop impactful campaigns. He has created engaging content highlighting DreamKey’s mission and accomplishments, helping to encourage individuals and organizations to support the cause of affordable housing. Reflecting on his role, Thomas shares, “Through storytelling and videography, I wanted to inspire individuals to join us in making affordable housing a reality for everyone.”

Srikar Lutukurthi and Drina Shah – Real Estate Development

Srikar and Drina’s passion for innovation and data-driven decision-making has been instrumental in refining strategies and creating more effective solutions using artificial intelligence. Srikar’s strong research skills have identified emerging trends and best practices in the affordable housing sector. He says, “By harnessing the power of data and staying on top of industry developments, we can ensure that DreamKey remains at the forefront of innovation.”

Drina’s data analysis has provided noteworthy insights into the impact of key initiatives. Her findings have helped measure success and make data-informed decisions for the future of affordable housing. Drina emphasizes, “Data analysis allows us to understand the real impact we are making and make informed decisions that positively shape the future of affordable housing.”

The Bank of America Student Leaders Program and organizations like DreamKey Partners have nurtured the next generation of community-minded leaders. Together, we are creating a brighter future where everyone has access to safe and affordable housing.